Sonsbeek 2001/Sonsbeek 9: Locus Focus

2 July - 29 August 2001


Jan Hoet (1936-2014)


Like his predecessors, Belgian curator Jan Hoet also looks at previous Sonsbeekeditions from the past. In his introduction for the catalogue, he stresses the importance of continuity and tradition. While predecessors Wim Beeren and Valery Smith opt for a spread of artworks, Hoet decides to limit himself to three sites with different functions. Hence the subtitle 'LocusFocus'. The choice falls on Sonsbeek park, which is characteristic of Arnhem (the cultural), the Eusebius church (the historical) and Kronenburg shopping centre (the socio-economic). In his introduction, Hoet writes: "[I have] very deliberately wanted to keep this Sonsbeek exhibition clear, surveyable and above all readable - a tangible exhibition too, which everyone can at least read ."

Sonsbeek 9, diverse artworks by as many as seventy-five artists were on display. The Eusebius Church featured a number of striking works by female artists. For instance, in the middle of the church was a huge bright pink dress by American artist Beverly Semmes. Shopping mall Kronenburg in the south of Arnhem was perhaps the most daring location. Thanks to the artworks, the shopping centre was experienced differently. In turn, the art proved vulnerable: a number of artworks were destroyed, sometimes several times. In the end, Sonsbeek 9: LocusFocus shed light on many relationships between art and public spaces in Arnhem in its own unique way.


  • Mario Airò
  • Jeroen Allart
  • Karel Appel
  • Atelier van Lieshout
  • Massimo Bartolini
  • Iñaki Bonillas
  • Harmen Brethouwer
  • Marcel Broodthaers
  • Cai Guo Qiang
  • Rui Chafes
  • Raul Cordero
  • Minerva Cuevas
  • Berlinde De Bruyckere
  • Simone Decker
  • Peter De Cupere
  • Wim Delvoye
  • Jessica Diamond
  • Hans Eijkelboom & Peter Spaans
  • Jeroen Eisinga
  • Bruna Esposito
  • Jan Fabre
  • Belu Simion Fainaru
  • Alicia Framis
  • Michel François
  • Federico Fusi
  • Meschac Gaba
  • Carlos Garaicoa
  • Kendell Geers
  • Gelatin
  • Fernanda Gomes
  • Maria Elena González
  • Anders Guggisberg & Andres Lutz
  • Fabrice Gygi
  • Kim YoungJin
  • Suchan Kinoshita
  • Gabriël Kuri
  • Justine Kurland
  • Guillaume Leblon
  • Patrick Lebret
  • Henrietta Lehtonen
  • Emilio Lopez-Menchero
  • Hermann Maier
  • Neustadt
  • Mark Manders
  • Eva Marisaldi
  • Kris Martin
  • Soheila Najand
  • Slava Nakovska
  • Mariele Neudecker
  • Elske Neus
  • D’Ette Nogle
  • Maria Nordman
  • Aimé Ntakiyica
  • Honoré d’O
  • Motohiko Odani
  • Peter Otto
  • Ebru Özseçen
  • Antonietta Peeters
  • Paula Pivi
  • Avery Preesman
  • Gert Robijns
  • Maria Roosen
  • Michael Ross
  • Peter Santino
  • ManfreDu Schu
  • Thomas Schütte
  • Beverly Semmes
  • Paul Sietsema
  • Nedko Solakov
  • Giorgi Sumbadze
  • Takahiro Suzuki
  • Brian Tolle
  • Susanne Tunn
  • Sergio Vega
  • Henk Visch
  • Lois Weinberger


Eusebius church
Sonsbeek park
Kronenburg shopping mall (south of Arnhem)



Sonsbeek 9, 2001
(dedicated to the memory of Wim Beeren)

Design: Thonik®, Martijn Engelbregt
Publisher: Veenman drukkers 

Facts and Figures

3 exhibition venues ⋅ 78 artists approx. 25.000 paying visitors

Still visible in Arnhem

Henrietta Lehtonen, Skies Captured, 2001
Location: Sonsbeek park, koude vijver

Peter Santino, All Happy Now!, 2001
Location: Vlindertuin, parkweg

Gabriel Kuri, Fresh Epigraphs, 2001
Location: Sonsbeek park (multiple locations close to the bridge and waterfall)