Sonsbeek 2016: transACTION

4 June - 18 September 2016


ruangruapa: Reza Afisina, Ajeng Nurul Aini, Indra Ameng, Mirwan Andan, Ade Darmanwan, Hafiz, Farid Rakun.


In 2016, the curatorial collective ruangrupa (Jakarta) presented 'SONSBEEK'16: transACTION'. This edition was characterised by the intertwinement of the city, engagement with the community, interaction with residents and visitors and many local partnerships. This started with the opening of te 'ruru huis' in July 2015, a year in advance of the opening of the exhibition. It became a lively meeting place with a programme of discussions, workshops, lectures, culinary activities, performances, pop-up markets and karaoke nights, where curators and Arnhemmers found each other.

The installations in the park could literally be used via open calls: the works staged weddings, performances, and cooking sessions, for example. There were also some installations in the city including striking murals, of which many remain visible in Arnhem today.


Sonsbeek park
Arnhem city center
Museum Arnhem
Museum Bronbeek

Programme (among others)

  • Open Call (activities by the public)
  • If The Sea Could Talk (CAMP, Dady de Maximo, Arnhem voor Vluchtelingen, 28 August 2016)
  • Remember Day Parade and after (Agung Kurniawan, 2 July 2016).


Sonsbeek ’16: transACTION, 2016

Kids doe boek, 2016

Design: Thonik
Publisher: Rikken Print B.V.

The ‘ruruhuis’: Arnhem 2015…

Editor: Reinaart Vanhoe
Design: Corine van der Wal
Publisher: Onomatopee

Facts and Figures

128.000 visits • 45 artists and collectives 17 newly commissioned artworks • 7 murals •  13 local partnerships 150 volunteers 80 open call activities by the public • 3 weddings • 196 guided tours  269.355 unique online visitors

Still visible in Arnhem

Louie Cordero, Pong, 2016
Locations: Rodenburgstraat and sculpture garden Museum Arnhem

Sivanski, Untitled, 2016
Location: Café Bosch

Sivanski, Untitled, 2016
Location: Jan Dommeringpad

Nnamari, Untitled, 2016
Location: Coehoornpark 

Naamloozz in collaboration with Remco Visser Untitled, 2016
Location: pillars Nelson Mandela bridge